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Police questioned for not naming Imran Khan’s nephew in FIR

Police questioned for not naming Imran Khan’s nephew in FIR

Bushra Naeem

Imran Khan’s nephew, Barrister Hassaan Niazi, was a participant in the violent attack on PIC that took place on 11 December 2019. The police is now being questioned for not adding his name to the FIR.

As the rioters gathered around Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Niazi was filmed throwing stones at a police mobile van.

Following the protests, pictures of Niazi with his colleagues standing outside PIC surfaced on the internet. Hassaan Khan Niazi is the son of Hafizullah Niazi, who is a strong PTI critic.

After the incident he took over Twitter stating he only supports “peaceful protests”.

“My support and protest was limited to initiation of legal action against the concerned doctors. I only stand for peaceful protests.”

“It’s sad day and I condemn my own self for supporting this protest now,” shared Hassaan Niazi.

Senior police officers denied the allegation of giving favour to Hassaan Niazi, saying all the lawyers who participated in the violent protest would be treated equally. He stated Hassaan was among more than 200 lawyers who had gone underground to avoid arrest.

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