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PM Khan warns about India’s “Hindu supremacist agenda” in series of tweets

PM Khan warns about India’s “Hindu supremacist agenda” in series of tweets


Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to warn the international sphere about the “Hindu supremacist agenda” of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a series of tweets posted on Thursday, the premier claimed that under Prime Minister Modi, India was moving “systematically towards Hindu supremacist agenda”. He further went on to explain how the illegal annexation of Kashmir and the stripping of Indian citizenship to two million Indian Muslims in Assam are contributing to the supremacist agenda.

In another tweet, the former cricketer continued to urge the international community to unite in halting Modi’s “supremacist agenda”. He emphasised that threats to Pakistan under a nuclear overhang will result in widespread bloodshed and “far-reaching consequences for the world”.

This series of Twitter warnings were issued this week following the passage of a controversial Citizenship Bill in India which will provide citizenship all to religious minorities from neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan except Muslims. This mean the law will create a legal pathway to grant Indian nationality on the basis of religion.

Following the bill, Oppositions politicians inside parliament and protesters in several Indian cities, said the bill discriminated against Muslims and violated India’s secular constitution.

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