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PM Khan confident in his approach to tackle blasphemy

PM Khan confident in his approach to tackle blasphemy


The Event: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the South Punjab Secretariat in Multan. He described the step as a ‘a step towards a separate province.’ Addressing the ceremony , he said the second South Punjab Secretariat would soon be established in Bahawalpur.

Addressing the issue of blasphemy: Prime Minister Imran Khan says he has a different approach to tackle Islamophobia. He says he disagrees with the approach of the extremist organisation ‘TLP’ to cause unrest in the country and demand the expulsion of the French ambassador.

Khan’s strategy: PM Khan said that his way to solve the issue of blasphemy is to take all the head of the Muslim states into confidence. ‘Together, we should should ask Europe, the European Union and United Nations to stop hurting the feelings of 1.25 billion Muslim like they do not do in case of Jews.’

He further said that ‘I want the Muslims countries to devise a joint line of action over blasphemy issues with a warning of trade boycott of countries where such incidents will happen. This will be the most effective way to achieve the goal.’ 

Imran Khan is adamant that his efforts and strategy can eliminate the widespread blasphemy across European states.

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