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PM Imran’s Davos visit was paid for by businessman Ikram Sehgal

PM Imran’s Davos visit was paid for by businessman Ikram Sehgal


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his trip to Davos for participation in World Economic Forum (WEF) has been paid by businessman Ikram Sehgal.

He also thanked the businessman for sponsoring the event in expensive Davos. Ikram Sehgal is a prominent Pakistani businessman, former chairman K-Electric and retired Pakistan army officer.

Is PM Imran Khan’s claim to not being able to make ends meet of any consolation to the poor?

No its not. Regardless of how accurate his claims might or might not be, such self-referential statements give a poor impression of the leadership’s grasp of the economic situation. The PM and those around him are certainly far from the poverty-stricken working masses and the struggling middle-classes.

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