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PM Imran To Visit Iran And Saudi Arabia For Attempt At Mediation

PM Imran To Visit Iran And Saudi Arabia For Attempt At Mediation

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The Prime Minister will be visiting Tehran this Sunday in attempt to help defuse tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia after tanker attacks

After the secret visit of a government official to both countries, a plan was drawn up for PM Imran to travel there as well and offer mediation services.
Although there is no official confirmation of his visit, sources say Prime Minister Imran has been encouraged to do so. During his stay at the capitals, official talks with senior Iranian and Saudi authorities will be held.

This isn’t Pakistan’s first try at mediating between Iran and Saudi Arabia, who have been at each other’s necks for years because of their difference in strategic interests in the Middle East.

Previously, Pakistan has attempted to defuse tensions between the two countries over conflict in Yemen. Pakistani leaders had visited both Iran and Saudi Arabia, including ex-army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif who now heads the Saudi-led coalition of Islamic countries against terrorism; however, those efforts had made little headway as unrest had continued in Yemen. This time, though, Islamabad officials are confident that mediation attempts could be successful.

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