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Please be aware, the ‘mouthwash kills covid story’ isn’t a reason to stop wearing masks


Please be aware, the ‘mouthwash kills covid story’ isn’t a reason to stop wearing masks


Many news outlets have posted, recently, that mouthwash can kill coronavirus particles in your mouth. This however is not a cure nor is it going to protect you from corona. Although the internet seems to have run with joke now.

On Tuesday morning, many headlines were declaring that a Cardiff University study has shown that mouthwash can potentially render coronavirus particles inactive. The study, however, was done ‘in vitro’, meaning it was done in a lab under very specific conditions that do not mirror real life.

The study showed some evidence that mouthwashes containing 0.07% or more cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) could kill the virus that causes COVID-19 when exposed to it.

So while certain mouthwashes can kill Covid-19 particles in the mouth, they have no effect on Covid-19 particles going in your airways or those already in your lungs.

Scientists have cautioned against abandoning the use of masks and social distance, and using mouthwash as a protective measure. They have also warned that inhaling or ingesting mouthwash in an effort to kill coronavirus particles can be seriously injurious to a person’s health.

This study is just one of many that have provided us with information on how the coronavirus works and what it is effected by, it was not intended to present mouthwash as type of cure or guard against corona.

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