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Plastic Bag Retailers Protest Against Ban In Lahore

Plastic Bag Retailers Protest Against Ban In Lahore


A large gathering of plastic bag manufacturers and workers put up a protest against the ban on production of plastic bags at The Mall, Lahore

The ban on plastic bags will render over one million people working in 8000 factories across the province as jobless.

A committee put together to resolve this issue are particularly concerned about the government’s previous command of producing and selling upto 50 micron single use shopping bags and later imposing a complete ban after six months.

It is really nonsense, as they, instead of regulating us as being done across the world, are planning to shut our businesses,” said Moazzam Rasheed, convener of plastic bags’ association’s special committee.

The protestors consisted of businessmen, vendors, and workers, all visibly upset over the regime’s abrupt decision as they chanted slogans and waved around banners and placards. Many were concerned about the deadly road that the government is sending businesses down.

“They are taking all businesses to a complete halt gradually. Is this mandate of this government?” questioned one protestor.

Eventually, the protest concluded once they were assured by environment department officials that the ban would not extend to plastic bags already produced under the government’s decree.

While the ban on plastic bags will prove very beneficial for the country’s environment, we think it’s important for the relevant authorities to carefully administer their decisions, and perhaps provide alternate jobs to those who will become unemployed.

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