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Pindi Boyz Not Allowed in Centaurus, Even in Naya Pakistan

Pindi Boyz Not Allowed in Centaurus, Even in Naya Pakistan


While many rejoiced over Imran Khan’s victory as Pakistan’s new PM, the celebrations halted for some. 

Thursday morning, when the youngsters and bikers of Pindi also known as “Pindi Boyz” woke up, they were happy to see to a Naya Pakistan. But their happiness was short lived. Just like Obreyn Martell from Game of Thrones, when he thought he had beaten the Mountain only to have his eyes plucked shortly after.

The reality dawned when Pindi Boyz were refused entry into Centaurus by the security guards as there is a no stag policy still in effect in Naya Pakistan. One Pindi Boy even shouted in anger:

We thought we had woken up to a Naya Pakistan, not Purana Pakistan

The self-proclaimed leader of the pack, who recognizes himself as ShaggyFromPindi on Omegle – a social chatting service, said that this is not the change we were promised.

What about our rights, we came all the way on our CD70’s just to be turned away. They say we need ladies to come in but isn’t this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Twitter had mixed reactions on the incident, with some calling this article pointless and a waste of time, with others posing some pertinent questions like this one below:

If we have a no stag policy at Centaurus, how do we ever expect them to get any girls? This way they will stay stags forever

Others also joined in to defend the Pindi Boy’s and some took the conversation to a whole other level. Asghar190, for instance, had to say the following on Twitter:

This might turn the Pindi Boy’s to a women hating cult like we saw in Toronto in the shape of INCEL

INCEL is actually a woman-hating cult which has started gaining popularity and is also responsible for a van rampage in Toronto in April, which killed 10 pedestrians.

Though when we told this to ShaggyFromPindi he laughed and said:

We love the ladis a little too much to do that, plus we ride bikes not vans. We are Pindi Boyz

When asked Centaurus for comments and this is what they replied;

Centaurus Reply to Pindi Boys

Centaurus Manager Reply to No-Stags policy

The Pindi Boyz are also appealing to Sheikh Rasheed who many call the RBP a.k.a Real Pindi Boy.

Pindi Boyz

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