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PG’s Monday Mixtape

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PG’s Monday Mixtape


There’s nothing that can switch your mood around like a good song; the way it shakes awake your soul to focus on things that are important.

On this Monday, the sun spilled warmth from a cracked open skyline while the last of winter makes us snuggle into our hoodies. The roads are still wet with the rain that fell last week. And PG is back with it’s mixtape to fill your mundane Monday with music! We’re not much for intros, so lets dive right in.

First up, Koi Aur by Arsalan Hasan ft Anna Salman

 Milay ga tu kahaan?
Khoya ab jo tu hai Jo bhi hai,
jo bhi Tere dil mei, mera
Ooo, jaaonga mei kaisay kaheen aur?
Ooo, na haal mera samjhay ga koi aur.

The song features the very stunning and the city’s beloved artist Anna Salman. She recently also did a song with Danny Zee, which we also adore dearly. But this song really hits the core of ones hearts as it speaks of the pursuit of someone we love. And a lost love whose remnants are still with us.

And it goes without saying that there could not be anyone better than Arsalan Hasan for Anna to sing with. I have been stuck on his song Pareshan released earlier this year.

Both the artists have given us a song that will stay with us for longer than they know.

Next up, Over the Moon by The Marias

I’ll be your baby,
there’s nothing better I’d rather do
I’m lost completely,
I might as well be over the moon

Now, although, I’m gonna be biased here and confess my love for the band but if you’re someone who doesn’t know the band but has always had a fondness for jazz and pop, this band is the intersection of the two. They use modern hiphop beats to lift the syrupy leak of jazz.

The song quite literally makes you sit inside of moments you love and see how they play out, the lyrics don’t rush you to the end of the moment – they make you feel the things you loved about it.

So if you’re a musician or fanatic of music or even someone who’s been missing someone for quite a while, this song will surely pull you out.

The Marias is a popular french and US band that has made some fantastic hits. Their recent song, Hold It Together is also a flawlessly smooth song. Their more popular hits have been Carino, Ruthless and Loverboy. It’s honestly hard to explain all that this band makes you feel, but its definitely worth the shot.

Next up is another ballad; Into The Night by Prateek Kuhad

When I was young I could tell between the moon and the stars
And I would hold my breath underwater for a minute and a half
You came along, to be my baby
And then you came along, to be my darling

Love, when did I learn to be perfectly fine, with the
Wind in my hair and the cold of my feet was gone
Then you came along to be my baby
Love, then you came along, to be my darling

It was love before I even held your hand
It was love and I could tell that I was weak
In the knees and so we danced our time away, into the night

It is said that in the earlier stages of Prateek Kuhad’s career, he used to perform at empty bars and birthday parties and would always be paid in food or booze. They say he never stopped performing until he performed in front of an audience of a million people.

Today, Prateek Kuhad is one of the most popular artists in the world. A self-taught indie musician and singer who has been featured all over the world. His song ‘cold/mess’ has over 7 million views on Youtube.

I’d suggest you listen to this song but also watch the music video, it’s adorable.

For the next song we have the EP by Zulfiqar Mannan called “Boys Club”

Zulfiqar Mannan also known as Zulfi is a popular pop artist from Lahore, Pakistan. He is popularly known for his song ‘Dil Phenk‘ and is a representative of the Lahori LGBTQI community.

His music is as inspiring as he is. His love for art and the community is truly admirable, his honesty with lyrics and understanding of beauty is aesthetic.

Zulfi is a student of English Literature at Yale. He is a renowned artist and his poetry has also caressed the hearts of many. His poem the ‘Azaadi Manifesto’ was a remedy we all dearly needed after all that has happened in the last few years.

Last but not the least is, Baat Adhuri by Abdullah Qureshi

Jab baat adhuri reh jaye
Ye baat zaruri samajh lena
Jab kuch bhi samajh main nahin ata
To tum hee samajh main atay ho

The heartthrob, Abdullah Qureshi who dropped Baat Adhuri three weeks ago has gotten over 66 thousand views on Youtube.

Abdullah Qureshi is a popular Pakistani artist who belongs to Islamabad. He has won the hearts of many and healed the many broken hearted as well. He is famously known for his song ‘Dastaan’ that came out about two years ago. And his work has been loved and cherished by anyone who has ever laid hands and heart on his music.

This week’s PG Monday Mixtape was curated by Ammaar Butt.

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