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PG Bazaars exclusive 3 month subscription for small businesses

PG Bazaars exclusive 3 month subscription for small businesses


A lot of businesses were hit hard by the pandemic last year, especially small businesses. In 2020, Propergaanda witnessed first hand the fallout that resulted from the pandemic. Therefore, we decided to launch a new venture ‘PG Bazaar’ which solely focuses on small, local and homegrown businesses. We also recognised that the demand for healthier and better quality products is increasing which is why creating a singular platform where local businesses like yours can get a boost is what the people need.

PG Bazaar is a curated, online shopping experience that promotes home grown and small businesses through engaging content production, authentic reviews and a focus on targeted marketing.

To set this in motion, we’ve launched a 3 month subscription for 35 exclusive businesses on a first come first serve basis, starting May 2021. 

Brands that are part of the initial 3 month subscription will be featured on Propergaanda a minimum of 3-5 times. This includes being incorporated in 1-2 PG Bazaar articles with posts on all socials, 2 Instagram and Facebook stories, 2 Tweets and being featured on PG’s website as well. 

Company feature for Art & Design Atelier

Featured Article

The article is posted on PG’s website with hyperlinks to the brands official page where readers can buy products. The posters of these articles are also on all our socials which again redirects users. 

A feed post for one of our articles with an organic reach of 100,000

Proof of reach:

Proof of reach of an article on eco friendly products

Instagram and Facebook stories

Instagram and Facebook stories will redirect readers to the brands page through swipe up links. Below are examples of stories that we curated for artists who make embroidered hoops.

The minimum reach of our articles is between 75,000 to 1000,000 people, all of whom are 100% organic readers. Our Instagram has 70K followers with over 11 million impressions and Facebook has around 175K followers. Our main goal is to ensure your brand gets the recognition it needs.

For more details, send us an email on info@propergaanda.com 

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