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PETTY LEVEL 100! Man Literally Spends a Year Plotting revenge on troll who ruined Infinity War.

PETTY LEVEL 100! Man Literally Spends a Year Plotting revenge on troll who ruined Infinity War.

Hussain Saeed

After successfully avoiding Infinity War spoilers following
the film’s initial release, a Marvel fan was horrified to find a troll had
filled his Instagram comments with every detail of the Avengers’ race to stop
Thanos. Obviously, he was annoyed but what he did next is probably one of the
most dedicated things I have ever heard of.

He shared his story on Reddit, where he explained how
Infinity War had been ruined for him:

“As you may know, you can look up hashtags on Instagram and browse through
posts using that hashtag. After I made the post, a random guy (who I assume was
browsing the hashtag to find people who used it) randomly targeted me, and
commented on my post a full list of everyone who died.

Knowing that there was another movie coming out in the
franchise, the Marvel fan planned out a way to get back at the troll. He
messaged the troll and pretended as if nothing was spoilt, but appreciated
everything. The Marvel fan then pretended to befriend the troll, and for seven
months basically spent most of his spare time ensuring the foundations for his
revenge plot were solidified.

Finally, on April 25, 2019, Avengers: Endgame hit cinemas,
and his long, drawn out plan could finally come into fruition. The Marvel fan
bought tickets for the film’s midnight screening, and after making sure he was
seeing it before his enemy, he set about snapping pictures of every major plot
point in the film.

“It was all over in like 30 seconds, but he definitely saw it all. He
cursed me out, saying I was a horrible person and stuff.”

I have to say, for someone who seems to be such a big Marvel
fan, you’d think they’d listen to the Russo brothers and the cast when they
requested people not to spoil the Endgame. But I must say, getting revenge on a
troll sounds like a fun way to spend 7 months.