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Peshawar Court Halts Arrest Of Alleged Anti-Vaxxer

Peshawar Court Halts Arrest Of Alleged Anti-Vaxxer

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The Peshawar High Court has issued a stay order to prevent local police from arresting a man believed to be behind an online anti-polio vaccination campaign

The suspect, Azmat Khan, was charged for waging war against the state and encouraging the public to revolt.

The FIR was launched on August 27, however a judiciary bench at the Peshawar High Court is looking to revoke the complaint form issued against him.

The police had claimed that the suspect had circulated false information against polio vaccine through social media by asserting the children’s vaccination against the decree of Islam.

A petition was formed for the cancellation of the FIR, with the lawyer of the petitioner saying that the police had falsely accused his client of attempting to pitch people against the state through social media posts.

The lawyer also added that the police cannot register an FIR in such cases without the government’s permission first.

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