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Periods are a pain, but much less with these eco-friendly hygiene products

Periods are a pain, but much less with these eco-friendly hygiene products


When it comes to health, there tends to be a specific focus on what we put in and on our body—from the food and drinks we consume to what we put on our skin. But when was the last time you thought about what tampons and pads you were using? People who menstruate use them all the time, but only recently has there been an increased awareness of what tampons and pads are made out of. Other than being harmful to your health, tampons and sanitary pads produce around 45 billion pieces of waste every year. Considering that the average woman has her period for 2535 days of her life, buying a product that you can clean and reuse seems pretty practical. 

If you’re looking to give sustainable menstrual products a try but aren’t sure where to begin, check out our carefully curated list below:  

1. O’naps 

O’naps (@onapsofficial) creates eco-friendly sanitary napkins that are made of plant-based organic cotton, American fibres and biodegradable PLA. 

Their pads are equally harmless to the environment and your health as they have no added fragrances, chemicals, synthetic material or plastic. 

O’naps is ideal for sensitive skin as it is a rash-free solution to your hygiene needs. A pack of 10 organic pads costs Rs. 559. 

Order now from their website!

2. The Red Code 

The Red Code (@the.red.code) makes affordable cloth sanitary pads, as it is approximately 4x cheaper than the regular commercial pads.

Cloth pads are recyclable, reusable and made from natural biodegradable materials. 

The brand is also culturally responsible as the cloth has been traditionally used for years by women and is a culturally accepted form of menstrual hygiene management. The red code’s product list includes day pads, night pads and liners. A single pad cost Rs. 450. 

Click here to place an order!

3. Recircle 

Recircle (@recircle.life) is Pakistan’s first registered company to manufacture and sell menstrual cups that help you conserve the environment, stay healthy and save money. 

The brand aims to fight period poverty and the environmental impact of the regular period products. 

It is a well-tested product that comes in two sizes: small and large. Each cup costs Rs. 2,000. Customers can also buy a menstrual cup wash from their website for Rs. 600. 

Visit their website for a detailed blog about how to use menstrual cups. 

4. Daisy 

Daisy (@daisysanitarynapkins) uses locally available material to make cheap, biodegradable and disposable sanitary napkins.

Unlike other commercially available products, the absorbent layer of Daisy pads does not undergo harsh bleaching procedures that result in the production of a toxin known as dioxin. 

Therefore, they are healthier to use. The pads also have a soft upper layer that feels comfortable against the skin, especially in warm weather. Each packet of Daisy contains 8 pads and costs Rs. 150 only. 

Check them out here!

5. Fly Cup

Fly Cup (@FlyMenstrualCup) is a Pakistan based company that makes medical food-grade silicone menstrual cups. 

Unlike tampons, Fly Cups don’t dry the female genitalia.

This preserves the healthy bacteria that protect women from vaginal infections. Inside each Fly Cup, you’ll see fine measurement lines which allow tracking the menstrual flow. 

Get Fly Cup here for Rs, 1,000.

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