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Parliament session on day of PDM disrupted by anti-govt slogans

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Parliament session on day of PDM disrupted by anti-govt slogans


What happened: Two regular sessions were summoned by President Dr Arif Alvi today as opposition led an anti-government rally under the umbrella of Pakistan Democratic Movement in Gujranwala. These sessions were summoned by the president’s authority conferred by Article 54(1) of the Constitution. 

What was discussed: During the Senate session, Information Minister Shibli Faraz attacked opposition for criticising the government for the rising inflation, stating that “they were the ones responsible for the country’s sorry state”.

He further said that the opposition had “exposed themselves” and there are no signs that they will be coming back into power. “Their (days in) politics are up.”

Oppositions Reaction: Sherry Rehman, PPP Senator said that the government is trying to prevent opposition leaders from attending the rally in Gujranwala. 

Meanwhile opposition lawmakers raised loud slogans as Prime Minister Imran Khan walked into the assembly along with other government members and ministers.

In short: These sessions were chaotic but still the senate was able to pass two resolutionz enunciating sorrow over the deaths of former senators Syed Qurban Ali Shah and Hazrat Hameeduddin Sialvi.

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