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Parents Protest Against Inaction Of SC Fee Verdict

Parents Protest Against Inaction Of SC Fee Verdict


Parents in Lahore gathered at Liberty Roundabout on Saturday in a demonstration against the government and private schools who are not carrying out orders by the Supreme Court about the fee issue.

The protestors were members of the Parents Action Committee, Pakistan Education Movement, Civil Society Network and Rah-i-Haq.

Parents were accompanied by their children, who also joined in on the protest; both parties held posters and shouted out slogans against the disregard by the district education department.

They claimed that private schools were threatening students to either pay the fee or join public schools.

The PAC General Secretary Sajeel Usmani notified the charged parents that the Supreme Court had ordered to freeze the fee raise to the 2017 level and linked any increase to the approval of a regulatory body; Usmani appealed that the Punjab government actually enforce these court orders.

Atifur Rehman, another office barrier, added that it would be impossible to send all 2.5-3 million students to the 1200 public schools anyway.
He went on to call a large group of schools a “mafia”.

The parents made a unified agreement that they would not pay an illegal fee sum and chanted the slogan ‘No fee till legal and low fee”.

They also plan to continue protests against the government ‘failure’ in implementation of the SC order and said they would approach and engage opposition political parties to raise a voice for their cause.