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Pakistan’s cellphone imports increased by over 50%

Pakistan’s cellphone imports increased by over 50%


With the burgeoning demand of low-cost cellphones in the market, Pakistan’s cellphone imports grew by 51.5 per cent to $1.311 billion in 8MFY21 as compared to $865m in the same period last year, according to the data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday. 

This increase could be credited to Korean and Chinese manufacturers who have been presenting low-cost smartphones in the market with decent specifications which has provided a big relief to people who cannot afford costly devices. 

Total cellphone subscribers: According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority website, the number of cellphone subscribers soared to 178 million in January from 168m in July 2020. 

With over 65% of the population under 30, Pakistan is the eighth biggest cellphone using country in the world with over 83 connections per 100 users. 

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