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Pakistani youngsters share ‘Coming Of Age’ stories on Twitter

Pakistani youngsters share ‘Coming Of Age’ stories on Twitter


What Happened: Since the discourse on the themes of contemporary Pakistani English language novels began on Twitter a few days ago, Pakistani youngsters have been sharing their own ‘coming of age’ stories on Twitter in the hope that similar experiences would be written or picturized about in modern Pakistani art.

The ‘Bingo’ in question

Pakistani English Literature Bingo: This bingo highlighting the similarities between modern Pakistani literature reflected how these novels share the experiences of a very niche class, not encompassing the experiences of the new generation of Pakistanis navigating their life. 

An experience shared by a user

Audience Resonates: While a lot of people criticised this statement, many resonated with it. A tweet from @mmindeel shared her experience on how the ‘Bingo’ is the ‘most apt thing she’s seen’ after her experience of reading over 250 Pakistani novels because of her dad’s thesis.

As a response, youngsters from Pakistan started sharing their own stories about what they think a good coming of age Pakistani novel would be set around.

A humorous take on ‘coming of age stories’
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