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Pakistani Trans Activist, Janat Ali is nominated for South Asian Hero Award 2020


Pakistani Trans Activist, Janat Ali is nominated for South Asian Hero Award 2020


What happened: Pakistani Trans activist, Janat Ali has been nominated for South Asian Hero Award 2020 by APCOM. 

What is APCOM: APCOM is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bangkok, representing and working with a network of individuals and community-based organisations across 35 countries in Asia and the Pacific. APCOM works to improve the health and rights of queer commuity.

Who is Janat: Jannat Ali is an MBA Gold medalist Trans Activist. Back in 2018, Janat organized the first Trans-Pride march in Pakistan. 

She has successfully run a literacy program as an educator/consultant regarding basic education of transgender people by mobilizing and motivating the community members. She is a professional Kathak dancer with more than 4 years experience.

She is the first Muslim transgender person to have conducted a Khutba during Friday prayers at the Queer Muslim Conference in South Africa. She was one of the key people who presented the bill which has been passed and become Transgender Rights Law 2018.


Propergaanda congratulates Janant Ali on the nomination and thank her for being a role model for the queer community in Pakistan

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