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Pakistani students say no to online classes


Pakistani students say no to online classes


With a lockdown in place in Pakistan, universities and educational institutions have also been closed down. More than 300 million students are at home across the globe, due to government directives. But soon after students were made to leave behind physical classrooms, virtual classes were launched leveraging applications such as ZOOM and Skype – but that doesn’t mean it was a welcome gesture.

As students were made to log in online for lectures, they took to Twitter and shared their sentiments, making #wewantsemesterbreak to trend on the number one spot on Wednesday evening.

This is what the students have to say:

A very real concern is that students who live in remote areas do not have adequate access to internet

One students shares that he has to travel 30 km just to take the online class

One student shares how the lack of internet connection is particularly bad in the province of Balochistan

Students have also started making memes on how bad the internet is during online classes

It’s safe to say, the students have spoken


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  1. Ali March 26, 2020

    Semester break isn’t a solution it will delay our degrees and internships etc. and online classes are total failure. HEC should advise universities to compensate us students in our marks and grades so that our GPA will not go down. Allah reham kray agar ese hi halaat rhay tou agay bhi sab close rhay ga.

  2. Salman gr March 26, 2020

    Say no to online classes,

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