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Pakistani student faces discrimination at Royal Holloway University in London

Pakistani student faces discrimination at Royal Holloway University in London


A Pakistani student’s visa has been cancelled by the Royal Holloway University despite the fact that student met attendance requirements of the University after a warning on attendance was issued to him.

Shafay Shoaib, a first-year student at Royal Holloway got the news of the cancellation of his visa after significantly improving his attendance and meeting the requirements set by the university. While terminating his visa, the University has refused Pakistani student the right to appeal while not applying the same rule in case of students from other countries.

As reported by Geo News, the student said, “ I joined my course late because my visa was delayed by the Home Office. How could I attend classes when my visa hadn’t even arrived? A few of my friends had lower attendance than me but their visas haven’t been impacted. Why are they targeting me? It’s clear that there is an element of discrimination in my case. I have fulfilled the requirement, I like this university and I want to study here but the University is hanging me out to dry from some unknown reasons.”

Is discrimination against Pakistani students abroad common?

There are over 10,000 Pakistani nationals who are pursuing higher education in the UK. International students have to pay double the fees as local students but many international students argue that despite paying double the fees and fulfilling the rigorous criteria of the British system, they do not get equal rights and are systematically discriminated against.

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