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Pakistan to transition to 60% clean energy by 2030

Pakistan to transition to 60% clean energy by 2030


The Event: The Leaders Summit is currently underway virtually in Washington, which started on Wednesday. It is being attended by leaders from 40+ countries which include the world’s biggest carbon emission producers.

Mr. Aslam addressing the summit

Pakistan’s efforts: Special assistant to the PM on climate change, Malik Amin Aslam claimed that Pakistan is on the course to be running 60% of the country on clean energy. He urged all developing nations to give importance to climate change and play their respective roles in fighting the climate emergency. He also boasted about how Pakistan is doing more than required in terms of climate. A pledge to shift 30% of vehicles to electric was also made.

Mr. Aslam also asked the international community to come up with more “climate finance” and honor the commitment of $100 billion a year to combat the climate crisis. He said that this amount is necessary for developing nations to adapt to the climate emergency like Pakistan has. Mar Aslam further added that the world needs to do more, as Pakistan is being struck hard by the climate crisis as the Himalayan glaciers melt at a higher rate than ever before.

Various countries set goals: Perhaps the biggest goal set at the virtual summit was by host and US president Joe Biden. He made a pledge to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 50%. 

Russian president Vladimir Putin pointed fingers at the USA for contributing to a large chunk of present day climate issues, but also proposed that foreign policy should make amendments to make clean energy projects more accessible. 

Further statements were made by the Canadian, Indian, and Japanese envoys present.

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