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Pakistan to start local production of CanSino vaccine


Pakistan to start local production of CanSino vaccine


Dr Faisal: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Dr. Faisal Sultan has stated that the government’s efforts to procure vaccines are in full swing, and currently the capacity is around 30 million doses.

Donations vs Procurement: Dr. Faisal has stated that 19 million vaccine doses will arrive in the country by June, and the government is purchasing most vaccines and not waiting on donations. He further said that 90% of the current vaccines have been purchased.

Current vaccination efforts: Pakistan is currently administrating around 150,000 vaccine doses on a daily basis, and is aiming to increase this capacity to around 300,000. Furthermore, local filling of the CanSino vaccine was also expected to begin at the National Institute of Health through which Pakistan will produce 3 Million doses per month, decreasing import dependency.

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