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Pakistan to import 6,000 tons of oxygen – Asad Umar

Pakistan to import 6,000 tons of oxygen – Asad Umar


Proactive Measures: The Pakistani government has decided to import 6000 tons of oxygen, 5000 cylinders, and 20 cryogenic tanks in order to prepare capacity to deal with the peak of the third wave of COVID-19 in the country. This was announced after the NCOC meeting on Friday as a proactive measure to avoid future catastrophe. The Minister said that it was the same kind of decision making that pulled Pakistan out of the first and second wave. 

Reasoning: Pakistan is currently experiencing 100+ daily deaths since the past few weeks because of the virus. Recently, Pakistan saw its deadliest day since the pandemic started seeing 201 deaths across the country on April 28th. Furthermore, new strains have been spotted around the country and these measures are being taken in order to avoid a situation like in our neighbouring country. Asad Umar wrote that the current oxygen dependent COVID-19 patients are 57% more than they were last June, so it is important to make early decisions. 

Oxygen situation: With the increase in the need for oxygen, the Minister tweeted that oxygen production had also been drastically increased from last June compared to 465 tons/day to today’s 725 tons/day.

Next few weeks: Asad Umar stated that the next few weeks are really critical in deciding how our country handles the third wave. He said that we have coped well till now, but we will have to impose various lockdowns and restrictions if we are to avoid the worst. He advised everyone to be strict and adamant on following SOPs through Eid.

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