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Pakistan to face more deadly second wave after virus mutation


Pakistan to face more deadly second wave after virus mutation


What happened:

Health experts say that the coronavirus has mutated itself, its new strain is unable to be detected in some tests, and it seems to last longer. Pakistan is facing the second wave of the novel coronavirus, and with each passing day, more cases are being reported.

The number of spikes on the coronavirus cell have increased after a mutation, which has made it more lethal. Leading pulmonologist Dr Shazli Manzoor says, “The virus has mutated and its lethality has increased in Pakistan”.

Dr. Manzoor stated that a large number of cases are being reported during the second wave. There are patients of every age group, hence hospital beds and ventilators are getting occupied, he stated.

He further said that flu season is also here, and a COVID-19 attack along with the flu becomes a very deadly combination. Only following SOPs religiously can help us to get through this wave, according to Dr. Manzoor.

The background:

If we compare the ongoing second wave of the coronavirus with the first one, then the first one was very lethal in Pakistan but health experts predict that the second one will be deadlier. Pakistan detected its first coronavirus patient on February 26, 2020. The coronavirus cases in the country peaked in June with 6,825 cases. After this the graph of covid-19 infections declined till October. But the second wave started in November and there have been 3,795 new cases till Dec 6.

So far, 8,487 people in Pakistan have died due to the deadly coronavirus.

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