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Pakistan set to trademark Khewra pink salt

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Pakistan set to trademark Khewra pink salt


What happened: The world renowned Khewra pink salt is set to be registered as a local product of Khewra with international trading bodies.The federal cabinet recently approved that the Pakistan Minerals Development Corporation will be the patent holder for the Khewra pink salt. The PMDC is finalising requirements for the rock salt to be registered with the Geographical Indications registry, to make it take it to Pakistani IPOs. Once the Khewra salt is registered with Pakisani IPOs, it can be taken to foreign markets. 

The need: The Khewra salt needs to be registered as a Pakistani product with the Geographical Indications registry because for over two decades neighbouring India has been taking advantage of this salt not being trademarked and selling ‘fake’ Khewra salt. India has been making massive profits by using the term ‘Himalayan Pink Salt’ on the Khewra salt and selling it in global markers. He said that the salt was being re-exported by Indian traders to regions like the Middle East, USA, and Europe under the label of the salt being procured in the East Himalayas, however that problem will also be reduced since salt export to India has been suspended since the past two years. 

Pakistan had been selling pink salt at cheap rates for decades and the media highlighted the issue and started a campaign to give the trade the importance it deserves as many traders were losing out on big profits and trade routes because of re-exporters and misuse of fair practices.

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