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Pakistan Loses £35M Case Against Royal Indian Family

Pakistan Loses £35M Case Against Royal Indian Family

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A court in London decreed that £35m present in a bank account would be given to the descendants of an Indian Royal, and not Pakistan

The feud over the money started back in 1948, when the last Hyderabadi king secured £1m in a UK account then held by the Pakistan High Commissioner. This sum has grown to become £35m with interest.

The judge made his decision on the basis that there was no evidence to support Pakistan’s claim on the money. It had previously been under Pakistan’s hold, and the ‘Nizam’ or king’s descendants had stated in court that when the Nizam had asked for the money to be returned some time after India and Pakistan’s annexation, however Pakistan had refused.

Pakistan had countered that the money had been given for them to procure arms but the court had said it had the right to rule in the case that the money was deposited in a British bank account.

The former Nizam.

“The court today made it clear that it did not think the money was handed to Pakistan outright. There is overwhelming evidence that Pakistan only held the money as a trustee and it actually belonged to the Nizam,” told the lawyer for one of the grandsons to BBC News.

The lawyer also mentioned how the case had begun when his client was a child, who is now in his 80s.

Furthermore, India’s Foreign Ministry congratulated them on the verdict through a press statement.

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