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Pakistan becomes 76th most internet inclusive country in the world


Pakistan becomes 76th most internet inclusive country in the world


Pakistan ranked as the 76th out of 100 countries on the inclusive internet index 2020 released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), placed into the last quarter of the global index overall.

They ranked Pakistan 24th our of 26 in Asia Pacific.

What does being ‘Inclusive’ mean?

Well, the ‘Inclusive Internet Index’ benchmarks countries on the internet’s availability, affordability, relevance and the readiness of people using it.The annual report is presented by Facebook.

On a scale of 1 to 100, Pakistan stood at the 76th place out of the total countries surveyed.

“Notable among its weaknesses is by far the largest gender gaps in the index, in both mobile and internet access. Low levels of digital literacy and relatively poor network quality are major impediments to internet inclusion,” the EIU stated.

Out of the four dimension based on which a country is judged, availability was the worst for Pakistan. Moreover, it wasn’t like they were better at any other criteria, the EIU reported that Pakistan was poor in all sections.

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