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Pakistan Bans Use Of Plastic Cutlery On Int’l Flights

Pakistan Bans Use Of Plastic Cutlery On Int’l Flights

Zaynah Maroof

18 International airlines have been ordered by The Aviation Division to stop using plastic cutlery and packaging during flights.

“We have given directives to airlines that they cannot use plastic cutlery in the flights as we want to stop the use of plastic. Moreover, it is observed that the cutlery is packed in plastic sacks so we have also directed them to ensure that the cutlery should be wrapped in paper rather than in polythene,” said the Aviation Division senior joint secretary.

According to the secretary, only one airline inquired about the ban- China Southern Airlines- and the law it was being implemented under. The airline was then replied to accordingly.

In the Senate meeting on climate change, the Division secretary, Mr. Amjad Khokhar, said they were also planning on ‘placing standees with messages’ in regards to a ban on plastic to inform foreign visitors. The Climate Change Advisor, Mr. Malik Aslam, supported this suggestion by saying this message could also be advertised on electronic boards near airports.

Mr Khokhar told a private news source that a written directive had been sent to the airlines some months ago, followed by reminders.


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