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Opposition claims spy cameras were set up at polling booth amidst senate election

Opposition claims spy cameras were set up at polling booth amidst senate election


The already controversial Senate election became even more contentious when ‘spy’ cameras were found in the polling booth ahead of voting for the chairman and deputy chairman slots. 

What the Opposition said: The Opposition led by Pakistan Peoples Party’s Raza Rabbani on Friday claimed that “spy cameras” have been installed in the polling booths set for senators to cast their votes in the election. 

“It is against Article 226 of the Constitution,” he said, as the house resounded with “shame, shame

Courtesy: Samaa TV

The opposition demanded that an investigation be carried out into who was “in control of the Senate” 

How the cameras were found: Earlier in the day, PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar claimed that he and PML-N Senator Musadiq Malik found “spy cameras” above the polling booth. 

Dr Malik said that both of them were directed by their respective parties to check the polling booth before the election.

Dr Musadik Malik termed the presence of the cameras a “freaking joke”. 

Government Response: Adding more fuel to fire, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that it looked more like a “CCTV cable” camera and not a “spy camera” as claimed by the senator. 

The Federal Minister also shared an example of how a spy camera would be. He shared a picture of a camera fitted in a nail, saying that it was likely the CCTV camera cable has been misunderstood by the PDM lawmakers as a “spy camera”. 

After his claims, Mustafa Nawaz Khokar started to investigate on the Minister’s lead and surprisingly enough, he claimed to have found a camera fitted on a nail as well.

People’s reaction: Pakistani Twitterati were quick to respond to the news with hilarious memes. Check out some of the tweets on Pakistani Twitter:

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