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One brave soul fighting the good fight, one hash legalisation petition at a time

One brave soul fighting the good fight, one hash legalisation petition at a time


A veritable champion of the people, Ghulam Asghar Saieen, moved the Sindh High Court, yesterday, to legalise just 10 grams of hash. The Sindh High Court in top form as the resident buzzkills however didn’t even give our champion enough time to properly plead his case. They called him in long enough to scoff at him and let him feel the weight of their holier-than-thou attitude, and then they tossed him out.

The conversation in court went something like this:

Justice Buzzkill, Muhammad Ali Mazhar, incensed at how this lawyer, one of his own kind, dared to besmirch the honour of this court with such a petition thundered down at our humble petitioner, “What kind of a petition have you brought to the court? Do you want everyone to start smoking chars?”. Our man fighting the good fight, not perceiving that this was a rhetorical question proceeded to lay his heart bare, “I’m just a poor man, but I felt compelled to do this in the public interest”. He thought the learned judge would know how many people smoked up in Sindh alone, given that Karachi ranked second in the world for marijuana consumption. Of course he’ll be reasonable, he thought, but just to throw some weight behind the argument lets pepper in the fact that it’s legal in the West, us Pakistanis are always secretly impressed by whatever our pasty faced ex-colonists do, “Smoking hash is allowed in multiple countries”, he said. Judge Party-Pooper incredulous that this upstart was actually trying to make some semblance of a case decided he’d shut this down here and now, “If you want to smoke hash then go to those countries. It is not allowed here.” he said, satisfied that he had intimidated the bumbling fool into submission. Much to his dismay, our man powered on anyway making a last ditch effort to argue his case. “But, we’ll make money, it’ll generate income and revenue and we’re always in need of that around these parts.”, he cried to the Judge. Unfortunately, that stone faced destroyer of hopes and dreams was trying to outdo the Queen when it came to being uptight so he uttered his last word on the case, before having the people’s champion thrown out, “We do not want such revenue, there are legitimate ways to increase income”. And as our hero was being dragged out the only thing he thought was, well at least I have my 10 grams waiting for me at home. 

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