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Oceans are heating up at the same rate as if Hiroshima bombs dropping every second

Oceans are heating up at the same rate as if Hiroshima bombs dropping every second

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The world’s oceans are now heating at the same rate as if five Hiroshima atomic bombs were dropped into the water every second, scientists have said.A new study released on Monday showed that 2019 was yet another year of record-setting ocean warming, with water temperatures reaching the highest temperature ever recorded.

“The upward trend is relentless, and so we can say with confidence that most of the warming is man-made climate change,” said Kevin Trenberth, distinguished senior scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The study shows that while the oceans warmed steadily between 1955 and 1986, warming has accelerated rapidly in the last few decades. Between 1987-2019, ocean warming was 450% greater than during the earlier time period.

Do we need to start worrying about Climate Change?

Because we live in a country some what detached from the climatic catastrophic doesn’t means it’s going to stay the same always. Who knows next year we might see forest fires as bad as Australia in Pakistan.

The smog level in Lahore was astonishingly high this year and the government failed to take action to curb it. They didn’t even acknowledge the smog problem to begin with.

Climate change is a real problem. A problem that does not affects only one country or continent. It’s a business everyone needs to mind. High ocean warming, global warming, forest fires and high smog and pollution levels are indicators and we need to take notice and start making appropriate policies


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