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NUST Administration Denies Claims of Student’s Alleged Rape

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NUST Administration Denies Claims of Student’s Alleged Rape


Just a few hours ago NUST started to trend on Pakistani twitter trends. However, the university isn’t trending for something credible but because of a hideous act.

A girl has been allegedly raped in Nust Islamabad. Allegedly the rape took place in the H-12 Campus, near the new NSTP building and by a construction worker.

The administration of Nust has given out a detailed statement saying that they’ve looked into the case and according to their investigations, no such incident has happened.

The tweet by the university’s official account reads: Recent tweets about the alleged rape of a student are nothing but a heinous attempt to defame this prestigious seat of learning, a desperate act of seeking attention, and a complete hoax!

Twitter however, has not taken well to this statement. Some tweets are calling out Nust for hiding and protecting the rapist while others are defending Nust’s statement and singing praises about how the University is a safe place.

While there are some who think that this alleged incident is clearly an agenda of the liberals.

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