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Nimrita Kumari’s Post Mortem Report Confirms Public’s Worst Fears

Nimrita Kumari’s Post Mortem Report Confirms Public’s Worst Fears


A final post-mortem examination report of Nimrita Kumari, a Pak-Hindu dental student at BADC, reveals the cause behind her death and how it was executed

Nimrita, who had been in her final year at Bibi Aseefa Dental College, was found dead in her hostel room in Larkana two months ago. Since then, the causes behind the death have been unclear. However, a post mortem report has now revealed that she was sexually assaulted and then strangled to death.

“The post-mortem opinion is clear but depends on [a] proper police investigation,” said Police Surgeon Dr. Abbasi.

The report noted that the wound marks on the victim’s neck were narrower in width which showed that they had been caused by something thinner, like rope, and not a dupatta, as previously believed while considering suicide as the cause. It’s possible that the strangulation took place by hand as well.

Furthermore, the report confirmed that male DNA had been found on the victim’s person, confirming sexual assault.

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