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New York based Pakistani musician’s new single perfectly portrays what 2020 has felt like

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New York based Pakistani musician’s new single perfectly portrays what 2020 has felt like


Amaar Farooki is a musician who has made a promising career in singing. Farooki is a New York based artist who has recently released a new single; Inside, which resonates with the listeners’ state of during this crucial and peculiar moment of life. 

In an interview with Propergaanda, Ammar shared his thought process behind this song: 

“This song came about from the despair and darkness of these days and the state of affairs we find ourselves in. For our own wellbeing and the safety of those we love, we are forced inside and away from the people and places we love; that nourish us, and the bonds that get us through the day. But we need to realize how important it is to put our old ways aside, and sing new truths. To reach out and forge stronger bonds. To be strong and have faith and hope”.

Ammar also explained the procedure this song has to go through as Inside was thoroughly a in-house project

“This song is also an exercise in simplicity and going back to the basics in its theme and its structure. The visual story is as important as the auditory experience. The song was recorded in my room in NYC and the entire video is shot with a phone camera by my wife Diane Desobeau. We decided to shoot in low and natural light to capture how even a vibrant city like NYC can appear haunting. Diane also played piano and harmonium on the track and my good friend Sarmad Ghafoor polished and produced it in Islamabad. Another example of reaching across distances to collaborate and create. And to remove all barriers and excuses that we may set up for ourselves”

Throughout history every medium of Art has provided some sort of enlightenment and hope to people. We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for all of us and like always Art has come to our rescue. That; why we’re grateful to musicians like Ammar Farooki for blessing us with these songs.

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