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‘Never give up:’ Youth overcomes his rare incurable bone disease through body building


‘Never give up:’ Youth overcomes his rare incurable bone disease through body building


What happened: Furqan Butt, a 21-year old from Karachi, was diagnosed with Pycnodysostosis, a rare skeletal abnormality that made him get inexplicable fractures. Although, he was told that his disease was was incurable, Furqan did give up. With unwavering hope, Furqan decided to fight it and succeeded. From 2016 till 2021, Furqan followed a diligent routine and transformed his body to the point it does not fracture anymore. 21-year-old Furqan is now a bodybuilder, Youtuber and further plans to become a physical trainer soon.

Backstory: Furqan was diagnosed with pycnodysostosis, a skeletal abnormality, in 2016. It is a rare genetic disorder that inflicts only one in a million to one in two million live births.  Before his diagnosis, Furqan would experience inexplicable fractures. After the diagnosis of incurable disease, he was advised to be careful and not pursue any activities that could cause fractures and other injuries.

Details: “After my diagnosis, I went home and cried a lot. I couldn’t sleep the entire night. Then I came to the conclusion that I would have do something on my own.” Furqan did not give up.

Over the next 2 years, he followed a controlled exercise and strict diet regime. He was successful in transforming his body in a way that it no longer has fractures.

In his interview on Zara Hatt Kay, Furqan said “It wasn’t easy.” He said that the first two years of training as very critical. He described that his initial training gave him the sense of “electric shocks” passing through his body and made his backbone “bend backwards.”

“But I didn’t give up,” he said.

After two years of only physical workout and controlled diet, he was able to gain enough strength to eventually start weight lifting. “I failed sixty nine times,” he stated. Yet he did not lose hope, instead he customized his workout routine to the one that’d fit him. He added that the main key to his success was mind control.

“Never give up … whatever your weaknesses are, turn them into your strengths..It’s all related to your mind because Allah has built our mind in a beautiful way. If your mind is strong enough to bear all circumstances in your life … you will be able to cure any disease.”

Furqan can now lift 60 kgs on deadlift. His doctor call his achievements unprecedented. “Such a workout regimen [and] improving bone strength has never before been reported in pycnodysostosis,” said Dr Kirmani, a doctor from AKU who diagnosed Furqan with the rare disease. “Over the years, he has built up his muscle mass to a point … that he has no fractures at all.”

“Now when I see myself in this phase of my life, I feel like I am out of this world,” Furqan added, smiling. “I feel like I am a superman who can conquer this world with his power.”

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