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Nawaz Sharif Fakes a Limp to Get Sympathy Votes

Nawaz Sharif Fakes a Limp to Get Sympathy Votes


Last week, Ex-prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif addressed party members and workers at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. As he approached the stage a stick could be seen in his hand while he walked with a limp. In his address, he said that the limp was the result of a conspiracy by Imran Khan and the PCO judges. He said that the Panama case verdict had directly affected his leg since it put him under a lot of pressure. His leg was just not ready to take all the stress. He also added that it will take a long time for his leg to recover. It will, however, not affect his determination to campaign for his party in the upcoming elections.

“If Imran Khan’s legs were under stress, would the Judges give him this verdict?”, the ex-premier questioned the reporters angrily.

Love poured in from all sides after Nawaz Sharif addressed his party members. Senior party members and journalists offered words of comfort at public forums. They said that they were with Nawaz Sharif in this hard time and prayed for his health. The popularity of PML-N also went up among potential voters during the course of the past week. Nawaz Sharif also recorded an “I love you too” message, which Maryam Nawaz posted on her Twitter handle with the hashtag #PapaRocks.

However, there was a turn of events and it appeared that Nawaz Sharif might have faked the limp. In a report, local news channel, Insafiyan Network showed an image from the previous day where the ex-prime minister was seen jogging in his Model Town mansion. At first, the network didn’t realize the importance of the news, they just thought of it as a shocking sight of the ex-premier doing some exercise. But later they saw the date and realized it was just a day before the public address. The authenticity of this news is still being contested but it has divided the public lawmakers’ opinion.

Khawaja Saad Rafique said that “even if the limp was fake, which it obviously wasn’t, so what? This is politics and at least we are not colluding with the judges, we’re just faking a harmless limp.” Someone from Geo News Twitter handle later tweeted: “Imran Khan still not becoming the prime minister”. The employee was later fished out and fired immediately.

Imran Khan was quick to ask for the removal of the Prime Minister and tweeted:

public to Nawaz Sharif

Image source: somecards.com                                                       

Though people are a bit confused as to why Khan was suddenly asking for the removal of Khaqan Abbassi. The entire story is supposedly gripping the nation as we get closer to the general elections.

Nawaz Sharif is yet to comment on the fiasco. As for now, the reports are that he is off to Saudia Arabia for his 100th Umrah and to pay homage to the king.