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Nawaz Caves In To Traveling Abroad For Medical Treatment

Nawaz Caves In To Traveling Abroad For Medical Treatment


Ex PM Nawaz Sharif has agreed to travel abroad for medical treatment on the advice of doctors and family

The Sharif family source told a private news agency on Thursday that the former PML-N leader had given in to his family’s demands and would be traveling to London, UK for medical treatment. According to the source, Nawaz’s doctors told him that they had exhausted all options in Pakistan and going abroad for treatment was the only saving grace left.

Allegedly, the government is aware of Nawaz’s decision and may remove his name from the Exit Control List in a day or two, in order to allow him to leave the country.

“The PML-N has shared doctors’ recommendations to travel abroad with the PTI government,” said the source. If Sharif’s name is removed soon, the source estimates that he will leave as soon as possible, likely this week.

“Mr. Sharif was not ready to go abroad but after the recommendations of the Services Hospital medical board and Sharif Medical City medics, along with the incessant requests made by his family, he has finally agreed.

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