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Natalia Gul calls out CEO of broadcast channel, corrupt producers, and corporates for refusing to pay

Natalia Gul calls out CEO of broadcast channel, corrupt producers, and corporates for refusing to pay


Actor and stand-up comedian Natalia Gul took to her social media to call out former CEO of HNOW TV and current CEO of East River Faizan Syed for allegedly refusing to pay the cast and crew of their sitcom Good Hai Yaar for the last spell of the sitcom, which included work on four episodes.

What did Natalia Gul say?

The actress alleged that the owners of HNOW TV refused to pay the entire crew of the sitcom despite the fact that over a year had passed since the sitcom ended. Gul went on to claim that CEO Faizan Syed kept delaying payment and recently blocked her on social media entirely. She said she did not “want to blame and shame” but Syed left her no alternative but to go public.

Gul declared that she was standing up not just for herself and her fellow cast and crew members but also all the artists throughout the country who are manipulated by channels, producers and corporates. She alleged that this had been done several times in the past by people in similar positions of power against those who could not speak up, such as background artists. She said that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had already crippled the livelihood of artists because there could be no shooting of programs or live events.

Gul argued that her fellow artists are left with no incentive to pursue their careers or work hard except for their passion and that it was this kind of manipulation of artists by “corporates, TV channels and producers” that has led to the deterioration of art in the country. She ended the video by calling for the rights of artists to be defended so they can actually earn their livelihood from their work.

The Artist Drive, pending payments!

Cast and crew of Hnow's sitcom Good Hai yaar have not been paid for their last spell which includes 4 episodes. I'm going public with naming the CEO of HNOW TV Dr Asim and Faizan Syed.This is not just about me but for all the artist who suffer in the hands of corrupt producers, channels and corporates who do not pay us on time and sometimes even run away with our payments.Arts and culture cannot grow in this country unless the artist is not respected. I'm creating this drive for all the artists who have been cheated and manipulated. It's time to ask for our rights!#TheArtistDrive

Posted by Natalia Gul Jilani on Tuesday, June 9, 2020


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