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Namibian man named after Adolf Hitler sweeps local elections

Namibian man named after Adolf Hitler sweeps local elections


A Namibian politician Adolf Hitler Uunona, named after WW2 German Dictator dictator Adolf Hitler, was elected last week as councillor for the Ompundja constituency.
Adolf, like other Germanic first names, is not uncommon in the country, which was once a German colony.

He was elected for the ruling Swapo party, which led the campaign against colonial and white-minority rule.

Mr Uunona admitted that his father named him after the Nazi’s party leader, being unaware of what Adolf Hitler stood for.

Uunona stated,

 “ I have no plans for world domination after winning a sweeping victory in local elections”.

He also added that, “As a child I saw it as a totally normal name, but It wasn’t until I was growing up that I realised: This man wanted to subjugate the whole world.”
He said that he has nothing to do with Nazi ideology. He still goes by the name of Adolf in public and has no plans to change it.

Between 1884 and 1915, Namibia was part of German territory called German South West Africa. After World War One, Namibia came under South African control and gained independence in 1990. But it still has many German-named towns and a small German-speaking community.

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