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MTJ fashion brand clarifies rumor on RS 550 ‘naara’

MTJ fashion brand clarifies rumor on RS 550 ‘naara’


What happened: Upon the launch of MTJ’s flagship store in Karachi last week, a lot of criticism and a lot of applause was exchanged. All this hype about the celebrity cleric launching his fashion brand was obviously bound to attract some rumours. One of these rumors was that the brand was selling a drawstring or in simpler terms, a ‘nara’ for Rs 550. 

This news went viral over Whatsapp with thousands of forwards about the weirdly priced item. People questioned what was so special about this particular ‘drawstring’ and made fun remarks. This gained so much traction that the MTJ brand eventually had to respond.

MTJ responds: The MTJ brand saw matters going out of control so to contain they situation, a statement was shared on their official Instagram to clarify that neither does the brand manufacture, nor sell ‘drawstrings’. They also said that everyone should be wary of fake news and avoid spreading it so people engaging in this ‘malpractice’ could be ‘caught’.

The Aftermath: Obviously, many users found the humour in this situation. One user was quoted saying how only in Pakistan can so much controversy be caused by a ‘nara’.

Others had some punchline jokes they couldn’t contain viewing the situation.

However, not everyone was happy as many saw this as something not to be joked about and were offended at the cleric’s brand being constantly attacked.

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