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Mountain Dew brings gaming back with a bang


Mountain Dew brings gaming back with a bang


Every year, Mountain Dew hosts its Dew Gamers Area – Pakistan’s largest esports event that brings gaming to the limelight, a young but steadily developing sector in Pakistan. Towards the end of 2020, Mountain Dew launched DGA Varsity: a multi day competition which engaged colleges and universities across Lahore. 

While e-sports has always existed in the shadow of bigger sporting events, 2020 changed the dynamics completely: we were asked to stay at home, stadiums were closed, events delayed.

On Thursday, Dew disrupted social media with videos of celebrities sharing news of something in the works: Haania Amir and Iqra Aziz uploaded videos sharing that they needed an outlet to let go of all the pent up energy during quarantine, and other celebrities including Yasir Hussain, Urwa Hocane and others told them to stay strong because something fun is right around the corner.

Even Kubra Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar got in on the action

Turns out, Dew is all set to take its competition digital and one celeb pairing after another will be competing against each other Live, giving fans a chance to tune in for some lighthearted and candid fun. By engaging celebrities in the campaign, Dew will surely make e-sports more popular in the country; where it is often not taken seriously. But in a nation that believes strongly in celeb power, the campaign will no doubt help bring gaming to the forefront once again. 

The adrenaline filled matches will go live very soon and no doubt will be full of entertaining content, so don’t forget to tune in! And while you’re at it, let us know in the comments below if you yourself have picked up gaming during the lockdown.

Have a look at the video Dew just released

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