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Mothers and sisters from Balochistan demand justice for their ‘missing’ family members

Mothers and sisters from Balochistan demand justice for their ‘missing’ family members


Pictures and videos of Zakir Majeed’s mother and Hassan Baloch’s sister are making rounds on social media. The baloch women, with pictures of their loved ones in hands demand justice from the state for their missing family members.

Zakir majeed and Hassan Baloch are two young Baloch men who went ‘missing’ after they were abducted from their own homes.

Activist Ammar Ali Jan highlights the issue of forced disappearances in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan

In a recent post on Facebook, the activist showed empathy for the sisters and mothers demanding justice for their missing family members. He also highlighted the prevailing issue of forced disappearances in Pakistan. He writes in the post, “Those who control power behind the scenes think that this hideous policy is useful to “flush out” anti-state elements. For them, policy of enforced disappearances is the invisible ink through which they declare the immeasurable power of the state, without ever revealing it. The “Missing Person” is a metaphor for the veiled yet pervasive power of state coercion, manifesting its brutal presence through a sinister absence.There is a double erasure of Baloch voices. Not only are the bodies of the politically active Baloch go “missing”, but the voices of the protesters never make it to our obnoxiously loud news channels. Hundreds of Baloch youth are currently mobilizing peacefully to demand justice for Bramsh, a four year old girl whose mother was brutally killed by a state backed death squad. Those protests have been joined by families of missing persons who are detailing heart-wrenching stories about their families. Yet, our ever so vigilant media that can create scandals out of nothing does not deem the anguish of Baloch mothers and sisters even worthy of a small news ticker.”

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