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Molty Foam Sues Diamond Foam Over ‘Papa Jaani’

Molty Foam Sues Diamond Foam Over ‘Papa Jaani’


Master MoltyFoam had issued a notice to PEMRA against Diamond SupremeFoam for copyright infringement after they used Molty’s iconic “Papa Jaani” line for their own campaign

Earlier last month, Diamond Foam billboards started popping up around major cities, with just a single sentence to convey the advertisement:

“Dear Papa Jaani, I have switched to diamond supreme foam. With love.”

These board signs quickly went viral online for the bold and obvious jab Diamond Foam was making at their rival, Molty Foam. However, the infamous “Nanhi Pari/Papa Jaani” commercial many came to know and adore is a decade old now, and apparently also trademarked.

Soon after the clever advertisement tactic by Diamond Foam had gained traction, Molty Foam issued a notice to PEMRA complaining against their competitor for copyright infringement because-who would’ve guessed it- the ‘Papa Jaani’ line is trademarked.

The court took the matter into consideration immediately and before long, granted Molty Foam the high ground by accepting their complaint of defamation against Diamond Foam.

The accused company has been ordered to take down the advertisement and has been banned from running the campaign.

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