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Mohammad Jibran Nasir Has a Thoughtful Message for All on Eid

Mohammad Jibran Nasir Has a Thoughtful Message for All on Eid

Saniya Rashid

Mohammad Jibran Nasir is one of those very few people who are on the right side of patriotism and nationalism. The lawyer recently ran in the elections as well to prove that any ordinary citizen can use their voice for the right reasons. It was a great show of hope, which didn’t end with the elections. On Eid too, Jibran had something to say that really makes us think about what we envision when we think about the grand celebration in Pakistan. It is a celebration with loved ones that requires a spirit of sacrifice and peace. But as Jibran pointed out many are denied this basic right to celebrate in happiness with their friends and family. This right is stripped away allegedly by those who are supposed to protect it in the first place.

As Eid Day 2 begins and we gear up for all our BBQ dawats and family fun, remember the plight of the missing persons and their families today as well. And raise your voices for this senseless torture and suppression of civil rights, which the government is supposed to protect both on Eid as well as any ordinary day after.

Check out Jibran Nasir’s thoughtful reminder, below!


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