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Modi Invites Right Wing Anti-Islam European Politicians To Kashmir

Modi Invites Right Wing Anti-Islam European Politicians To Kashmir


In what first struck as a surprising development, it has now been revealed that the politicians belong to right wing, anti-Islam parties

A 28 member delegation of the European Parliament arrived in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday, to observe the current situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir. This is the first time since August 5 that the government has allowed an international political visit to the area.

The delegates from countries such as France, Germany, and Italy met with PM Modi on Monday over lunch, as well as some mainstream Kashmir leaders. While this could initially strike one as a surprising turnaround, several parliamentarians on the visit have been identified as belonging to anti-Islam, right wing parties.

**EDS: BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE**New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi poses for a photograph with the members of European Parliament during a call on, in New Delhi, Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. (Twitter/ PTI Photo)(PTI10_28_2019_000112B)

Modi was reported as saying, “Urgent action must be taken against all those who support or sponsor terrorists or support such activities and organisations or use terrorism as a state policy,” to the party members in reference to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the EU has officially distanced itself from the visit, clarifying that it is a private delegation that was not authorised by them and therefor does not represent the EU’s stance on Kashmir.

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