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This is how Pakistani KPOP fans disrupted TLP’s Twitter trend as the nation witnessed mass protests

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This is how Pakistani KPOP fans disrupted TLP’s Twitter trend as the nation witnessed mass protests


The Event: On April 19th, Mcdonalds announced a collaboration meal with world-famous KPOP band BTS, and the world as expected went into a meltdown. KPOP fans moreover,BTS fans are known for their extreme energy and fandom in support of  their favourite artists, which can be explained by how there is a KPOP related trend at the top of Twitter almost daily. This time was no different and Mcdonalds being the most popular fast-food chain in the world, made fans from all over the globe rush to their national Mcdonald’s Twitter handles to demand the BTS meal in their native country. 
The Pakistani context: April 19th-20th was nothing short of a busy day for the Pakistani internet space. TLP supporters and opposers were gung ho in expressing their opinions on all online spaces, leaving very little room for any other conversation. Despite this, after the announcement of the BTS meal, Pakistani BTS fans showed how much social media pull they possess and flooded Twitter with demands of bringing the BTS meal to Mcdonald’s Pakistan. Such was the number of engagements that the BTS Meal was trending in Pakistan in no time, in between all the political slogans, which was an odd yet interesting sight to see. Hundreds of Twitter accounts accumulated unammountable likes/retweets demanding the meal to be introduced in Pakistan.

An untapped market?: Pakistani brands are staring right at a golden opportunity and missing out. BTS/KPOP fandom is not only present in Pakistan, but it is thriving in massive numbers globally. Pakistani fans spend thousands of dollars a year ordering KPOP merchandise from abroad, and it would not be surprising to see the BTS meal be introduced here and sell out  every day of the week. The incorporation of Korean culture and KPOP into brands is something many Pakistani brands can profit off of, and the time is not far when brands realize the potential this facet holds.

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