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Master #WFH with the world’s biggest remote working conference

Master #WFH with the world’s biggest remote working conference


For many people, working from home – or #WFH – is a relatively new concept – or a change they have had to adapt to due to Covid-19 and the ensuing social distancing measures.

The shift from physical workspaces, which seemed daunting at first, is now allowing people to experience work in ways that wasn’t possible before: cats now lounge in their owners laps during Zoom calls, toddlers pop up during conference calls and everyone is able to work from the comfort and safety of their homes – so what’s not to love?

#WFH is having a moment right now and the change doesn’t have to be temporary.

It is estimated that by 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers. In the past 5 years alone, the number of employers offering #WFH has grown by a considerable 40%. 

While many are pondering if working from home is the right decision moving forwards, there is a learning curve to overcome and a good start may be attending a conference that fully equips you for the change.

Running Remote, which is now successfully in its third year, is the worlds largest remote working conference which aims to equip companies and give them access to multiple strategies on keeping distributed employees and teams integrated within the main structure. The conference is a crash course which is applicable to both remote-first organisations as well as hybrid companies with distributed workers.

Running Remote is scheduled to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of September in Austin.

The 2 day conference includes 20 sessions, including panel talks between global leaders. This year, the array of speakers includes the co-founder and CEO of Zapier Wade Foster; flexible work lead at Microsoft Rachel Russell; founder, CEO of Forshay, Sally Thornton along with 27 other speakers. The word is mum on the final speaker though – who is being kept a secret.

While Running Remote is set to kickoff in September, Remote Aid 2020, a free preparation event online is scheduled to take place in April, as companies struggle to shift to #WFH.

The event is scheduled to take place on 20th April and will be centred around telecommuting during the pandemic. 

Remote Aid 2020 is incredibly unique in its approach and execution. Lavinia Losub, a managing partner at Livit, says, “The organisers made a conscious choice to not market to digital nomads, but exclusively to established companies with distributed teams. Very different vibe compared to most other conferences.” The conference also aims to provide a holistic experience through frequent coffee breaks in between sessions for a healthy exchange of ideas for “cross-pollination.”

The founder of Running Remote, Liam Martin, is one of the world’s foremost experts on remote work, having started a remote-only company more than a decade before it became cool to do so. He founded Time Doctor and Staff.com, doing some tremendously impactful work around productivity for remote work before founding the Running Remote conference, a real-life, non-remote conference about remote work.

Apart from the annual conferences, Running Remote is active on several other platforms, the most prominent one being YouTube. The organisation uploads several videos on how to run remote teams free of charge which are easily accessible to a larger audience.

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