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Marvi Sirmed’s personal details leaked

Marvi Sirmed’s personal details leaked


After the scriptwriter Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s verbal abuse and misogynist comments against activist Marvi Sirmed on live television, her phone number and email address have been leaked online.

Sirmed stated that she has been getting rape and murder threats and been asked to sell sex.

“Average rate of abusive and threatening messages so far is over 10k per hour,” reads the tweet.

Leaking someone’s personal information is called doxxing, and is a punishable crime.

What is doxxing?

This kind of malicious publication of private information or documents with personal identification information on the internet is called doxxing. It is a crime under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. It is also considered a revenge tactic by hackers. Whoever did this can be imprisoned for two years or fined up to Rs3 million to Rs5 million under the PECA for “unauthorised use of identity information”

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  1. Anonymous March 7, 2020

    She would be lying. She is old and ugly enough for sex and rape like things


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