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Manisha Rupita becomes first female Hindu DSP in Pakistan

Manisha Rupita becomes first female Hindu DSP in Pakistan


What Happened: 26-year-old Manisha Rupita, who hails from Jacobabad, became the first female, Hindu Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) after clearing Sindh Public Service Examination. She was ranked 16th on the merit list among the 152 candidates who appeared for the examination in 2019.

The Impact: Her achievement has broken the glass ceiling for women, specifically from religious minorities, to pursue their aspirations within the field of law enforcement. According to Nisha: “My election as DSP will be a positive example for the girls in our community. It will give them confidence that they too can get big positions by getting an education, so I am very happy. ”

Some Background: Rupita received her primary and secondary education in Jacobabad, after which she moved to Karachi. She said her father was very adamant about providing quality education to all his children, which is why she has been able to achieve this ranking. She was on the track to become a doctor at the insistence of her parents. However, she decided to pursue what she wanted to do and started working towards going into the civil service. She will begin her duties as DSP within the month.

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