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Manisha Rao: Pakistan’s First Transgender Lawyer

Manisha Rao: Pakistan’s First Transgender Lawyer


As the world is going through a series of crisis, it is almost impossible to find a silver lining or a ray of hope to move forward. Even the news we consume these days make us feel dreadful and anxious. But sometime we bump into an inspiring story which if not change our life miraculously, puts a smile on our face and makes us feel hopeful. And we surely  believe that this story is one of them.

Manisha Rao is the first Pakistani transgender lawyer, she has represented around 50 cases of marginalized community in different regional court of Karachi. Like some of us, Manisha was not that lucky to have financial support for her passion. That’s why she had to beg on roads to collect money in order to pay her fees. Manisha set up a routine for herself so that she can beg on roads in the morning and attend law classes in the evening. 

According to Manisha she always fear the police who use to mistreat her community, thus she decided that she will become a lawyer so that she can stand up for her community’s rights.

She also added that she has been very lucky to find great mentors and judges to guide her. Manisha said that “if you truly belief in yourself and your ambitions, God will find a way for you”


We salute her courage and optimism and we also wish that Manisha keep on inspiring us through her victories in future. 

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